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Project Description

Prop.exe is a command line tool that allows you to read and write information to and from the Property System. It has four major pieces of functionality:
  1. Set – this function allows you to write a specific property to a file (e.g. Set tags property to “Mom”)
  2. Dump – this allows you to read all of the properties applied to a file.
  3. Schema –this allows you to modify the property schema (register and unregister custom property schemas) as well as get information about the registered properties.
  4. Events – this allows you to output events reported to the application event log by the Property System, including diagnostic messages generated during property schema parsing.

This tool is valuable for developers and hobbyists. Developers can use this tool to understand how the property system looks and what behavior they can leverage within their applications. Developers can also use this tool to register and unregister their custom property schemas. Hobbyists and technology enthusiasts can create scripts that write to the metadata to the property system and accomplish metadata-driven tasks.

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